#juntospelascrianças     #uniteforchildren


Marques Soares together with UNICEF help support children all over the world and invite all customers to join this initiative.


To materialize this action, we will use padlocks, symbolizing involvement, humanity and hope for a better world for children.


This solidarity campaign aims to raise funds towards helping vulnerable children that need healthcare, nutrition, education and protection.



To join this cause you just need to acquire your padlock in Marques Soares, in Oporto/Carmelitas, for the price of 1,50€ each and lock them on the grid close to one of the three shop windows available in the same store.


If you would like to customize your gesture, you can write a message on the strip attached to the padlock. Also, if you cannot get to Oporto, you can acquire your padlock in any of our stores or online. We will lock your padlock for you!


The value of each padlock will revert entirely to UNICEF's programs  aiming to improve children's quality of life.


Together we believe we can make the difference and change the life of thousands of children.